TUA Uganda is a youth focused non governmental organization

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Who We Are

TUA Uganda is a fully registered local Non Governmental Organization (NGO) with the registration number 11884 in the national NGO Board of Uganda, It was founded in 2009 as a local group and registered as a community based organization with registration NO CDR/031 the organization is operating in northern Uganda, Nwoya District and is working majorly on health, good governance, climate change and livelihood.

Our Vision

The young people living healthy, productive and dignified life

Our Mission

To increase the engagement and participation of young people in planning and development at the local community.

our approaches


We select and train community members to support, promote health and enhancing change among their peers.


We believe that if people are aware of their rights, they will be able to uphold and defend it.

Health Programme

TUA UGANDA is working on health program as one of programme areas. We provide awareness and sensitization on HIV/AIDs, voluntary counceling, training on condoms use and distribution, referral for treatment.

We advocate for access to ARTs for people in the village.
We provide training on sexual reproductive health services for young people.
We promote gender based violence free community through supporting victims to access health and legal services. We do sensitization and stakeholders' dialogue.

Livelihood Programme

We support youth with practical skills training such as hair dressing, paper beads making, mechanics among others.

TUA Uganda support people in agriculture through provision of best agronomical practices, post harvest handling and linkages to the market.
We promote cooperative farming model among small-holder farmer groups and we encourage bulking.

Good Governance

We build capacity of young people in leadership and enhance their participation in local government planning processes.
We provide civiv education to the young people to help them participate in elections and also take up leadership positions.

We hold engagement dialogues with other stakeholders to create civic space for the young people.

Climate Change

We train farmers in adaptive mechanisms of agriculture like mulching, irrigation and agro-forestry.

We train farmers on farm diversification in order to provide options for increased earnings.
We advocate for effective implementation of environmental protection policies.